Bhaderwah Tourism

Until 2005, Bhaderwah was like any other backward area of the State. But with Ghulam Nabi Azad taking over as the Chief Minister, its fate began to change. As Mr. Azad, who hails from the area, was elected for the first time to the Assembly from this segment with a record margin, a new path of development was opened. The biggest boon to development has been in form of network of roads.

Bhaderwah is also getting a facelift as a tourist destination. A fabulous Tourist Reception Centre, along with other facilities, has added to its advantages. The Bhaderwah Tourism Development Authority (BTDA) has revived the Bhaderwah Fort, built by erstwhile Dogra Ruler, besides developing the Ghata Fish Pond. Bhaderwah offers adventure, scenic and cultural tourism potential.

Pilgrim tourism:

Bhaderwahis have been participating in the number of yatras organised during different parts of the year. Now it has become a hub of pilgrimage in whole of Jamu and Kashmir. It is home to a number of pilgrimages which include Subardhar yatra, Reoshra yatra, Machail yatra, Manimahesh yatra, kailash yatra and many more. visit yatra pages (see on the menu to the left of this page) for more information.

Adventure Tourism:

Being a mountaneous region Bhaderwah also offers a wide range of adventure tourism activities.

Trekking possibilities include short, day-long walks up and down mountain slopes in the areas like Chinta, Chirala, Jai valley and in the meadows like 'Padri', 'Seoj', 'Subardhar'. These meadows also called dhars in the Bhaderwahi language are beautiful vast land covered with green carpet of grass. Gujjars and Bakkarwals can be seen in their small camps 'dera'. Othere adventerous activities includeMountain climbing and mountain biking.

A range of rafting options is also available in the Neeru Stream and also in the Chenab river from Thathri to Puldoda.

Paragliding is one another option for the adventure sport lovers. The best places for paragliding are Chinta and Jai valley, Dhamunda to Bhaderwah, Seoj and padri meadows.

Bhaderwah valley gets covered with the thick blanket of snow in winters during the months of January and February and the high altitude areas like Padri remain covered by snow till early June.'Snow Skiing' in these areas can be equally enjoyable like it is in the Gulmarg or other parts of Kashmir valley.

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