BHADERWAH - Rheoshra Mata

Rheoushra Mata yatra

An ancient temple of Seetla (Durga) Mata is situated at a majestic peak about 11000 ft above sea level. Like Subar Dhar, this peak is also spread over a large area. On one side it is surrounded by the beautiful Jai valley and Chinta valley and on the other side is very big Chiralla village.

Yatris from all over Bhaderwah and adjacent areas like Bani, Basohli, Thathri, Kishtwar etc visit this place for the holy darshans of Seetla Mata especially during Navratras.

From Chinta village, a huge yatra called 'mala' is organised to Reoshra. The 'mala' is taken by the local poojari 'chaila' and is accompained by hundreds of devotees of Seetla mata. The whole of the yatra is on feet yatra, while some like to travel on horses. Yatra passes through dense deodar forests and takes about 4 hours by foot to complete.

From the Reoshra peak can be seen a complete view of Chirala village on one side and on the other beautiful Jai valley. Two snow covered mountain tops of padder hills can be seen from Reoshra which are called Dharmi and Papi. The one called Dharmi is believed to be getting smaller and smaller every year and the other called Papi is growing more and more taller due to the increasing 'Paap' (sins) in the world.

Like in other Bhaderwahi yatras, here also families visit to perform 'mundan' ceremonies of their children.

BHADERWAH... The Tourist's Paradise