BHADERWAH - Dharamdees


Dharamdees (auspicious day of the year) festival is celebrated on the first of Chet (of Bikram Samvat) every year by the agriculturist classes (who are in majority). Agriculturist activities in Bhaderwah begin on this day. People take their ploughing bullocks (oxen) along with the ploughs (hal) and other agricultural instruments are properly cleaned and decorated. They are taken to the nearby field. All the householders decorate their houses, wear new or properly cleaned clothes and adults go to one of their nearby fields, offer worship to the mother earth and to the bullocks and and agricultural instruments and token ploughing is done on the spot. The elder male of the family performs the pooja by putting a ‘tilak’ on the bullock's fore-heads and ‘gur’ in their mouth and plough the land. Women's dig land with a hand held ploughing tool called ‘Bangori’. At dawn, members of the musician class (mahasha community) used to go to each household in the village and recite traditional songs. They were offered clothes or money. This is discontinued now.

In the preceding night, a large ‘Thali’ filled with rice, coin and gur is placed at the feet of the family deity. Next day, before dawn someone from the family goes to the nearby ‘bawli’to fetch fresh water. It is supposed that one who fetches the water first of all is blessed by the God almighty. The pot of fresh water is then placed near the ‘Thali ’ called Kamrath and some gur eaten from it. This is done by every one from the family one by one.On Dharamdees people avoid going to each other’s house believing that their going there would caste good or bad effect on the family for the whole year

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