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Vasuki Naag
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Gupt Ganga
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Jai Valley
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Seri Baazar Bhaderwah in Winters
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On the way to Rheoushra Mata
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Chinta Valley in Winters
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Bhaderwah Quilla
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Snow Fall Bhaderwah

About Bhaderwah...

High mountains, deodar and pine forests, beautiful neeru naalah, snow-covered peaks in winters, beauiful green hills and slopes and quiet little resorts and hamlets - Bhaderwah is fastly emerging as India's favourite tourism destination. Bhaderwah is a beautiful valley in District Doda of Jammu province of the Jammu and Kashmir state of India. It is popularly known as Chotta kashmir because of its beautiful scenery and kashmir like climate. Bhaderwah is a beautiful valley surrounded by huge Himalayan mountains and thick Deodar and Pine forests. These huge peaks get covered with snow at the end of December every year which starts melting and gets totally cleared in the beginning of April month. The people of Bhadarwah can speak several languages like Bhadarwahi, Kashmiri, Dogri, Hindi, Punjabi, English. It has the highest literacy rate in the whole of J&K.

It is full of beautiful meadows and glens. The valley of Bhadarwah in Himalayas is located on 75º-40' East longitude and 33º-4' North Latitude. Bhaderwah was a large size ancient Principality of eminence now reduced to a small Tehsil in district Doda of Jammu Division. Its area is consisted of present Tehsil of Bhaderwah, Bhallessa, major part of Tehsil Doda (Trown and Shiva Panchayats). Bhaderwah became a part of the newly created state of Jammu and Kashmir founded by Maharaja Gulab Singh through the Treaty of Amritsar executed between the British Raj and Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1846 A.D............


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Bhaderwah in Winters

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BHADERWAH... The Tourist's Paradise